The best ideas come 8 beers in!

Why We Do This

We strive to provide quality, smooth, and easy-drinking craft beers for every palate and every occasion. We’ve got a beer for everybody at Wabasha Brewing Company!

Our Story

It is rare that you have a few too many and wake up the next day with the same passion and drive for the stupid idea you had with your friends the night before. But with the details lacking, passion still prevalent, and a vague framework still in place, that typical afterthought became the vision of Wabasha Brewing Company. Apparently, the best ideas do come eight beers in!Mirror

It was early May 2013; we had been brewing on a one barrel system in Brett’s (Wabasha Brewing Head Brewmaster – Brett Erickson) garage for a couple years and thought nothing of it, but when every friend and family member (not to mention every acquaintance and stranger they brought with them) kept telling us we brewed great / ”the best” beer, we eventually stopped assuming they were just being nice. Against all mild and lingering hesitation, the three of us jumped off the mental and financial ledge in the short weeks after the meeting of minds in May 2013, and soon filed the ridiculous amount of paperwork necessary to sell beer, and started construction on the brewing operation and adjoining taproom. We began thinking a seven-barrel system would do, however, a lot of research coupled with a broadened perspective made us realize the cost to go with a 15-barrel production system was more effective, and it allowed us to adequately produce for the taproom and share our beer quicker through other local businesses. We finished construction, installed the brewery equipment, and filed what we thought was the final paperwork as of September 2014. Then we waited (Oct), and waited (Nov), filed more paperwork, then waited again (Dec). Finally, we got through the paperwork and city approval gauntlet, and by end of January 2015 we begin final touches on the taproom. And on February 26, 2015, Wabasha officially opened for business!wabasha-brewing-brewroom-1

As of March 2016, we started construction on the front side of our building, which has turned into our new 60-plus capacity taproom; finished in August 2016. While this offers over 1200sq feet of taproom space with a 22ft bar, it also allowed us to combine the brewing operation with our old taproom space, which has almost doubled our brewing capacity. This new taproom has afforded us the ability to expand our production of Wabasha beers, build a new outside patio for our customers, host more music/beer/food festivals, as well as increase our ability to hold private and exclusive events.

To this day and always, we are humbled by the support we’ve had to start this brewery as well as the overwhelming support from our West Side St. Paul Community! You are Wabasha, and don’t think we don’t realize it! It’s our goal to provide you with a place to call your own and hope you enjoy having us as much as we enjoy being here! Thank You!!Beerploma_taproomPic_V3_wLogo


How We Got Here

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